John Williamson

Saturday 19th May 2012, 8.00pm
Queens Park Theatre

Experience the iconic John Williamson at the Empire Theatre, unveiling his new songs from his forthcoming album release. This is your chance to hear them performed live first!

A modern day poet firmly cemented in the nation's musical culture, John Williamson's impressive career spans more than forty years.

His honest and passionate songs are synonymous with the country that inspires him and connects him with his countrymen regardless of age, sex or creed.

Add to this his ability to deliver unforgettable live concert experiences that combine the perfect blend of humour, romance and campfire stories woven together by his music. You can understand why he is one of the most in-demand live performers in Australia.

You can call him what you want, Mallee Boy, True Blue or just plan Fair Dinkum; but there is no denying that after mroe than forty years in the music industry, John Wiliamson is truly an Australian icon.

Call him what you want, Mallee Boy, True Blue or just plain Fair Dinkum, there is no denying that after more than 40 years in the music industry, John Williamson is an Australian icon.

ARIA Hall of Fame inductee, Three ARIA Awards, 24 Golden Guitars, MO Awards, APRA Awards, Platinum and Gold albums, over 4 million album sales and the list goes on . . . he has earnt the title whether he likes it or not.

In 2010 John Williamson celebrated a milestone regarded as a significant achievement in the entertainment industry, 40 years of success, four decades of hits, of celebrity and of sharing his love of Australia and poetry in song with its people.

It was June 4th 1970 that John Williamson made his debut. On the talent quest TV show, New Faces, Williamson competed with his self-penned and still much loved "silly song" 'Old Man Emu'. He won, and since then has inspired pride in country, love of land and touched millions regardless of age, sex or creed.

This is the man famous for stirring classics such as 'Cootamundra Wattle', 'Raining On The Rock', 'Salisbury Street', 'Galleries Of Pink Galahs' and public outcries like 'Rip Rip Woodchip', 'A Flag Of Our Own' and let's not forget his anthemic deliveries such as of 'True Blue', 'Glory To Australia' and romantic ballads like 'Wintergreen', Hawkesbury River Lovin' to name but a few.

His resume and catalogue would make any songwriter envious; not bad for a kid from Quambatook in Victoria's Mallee country.

Look at some of the most significant events in Australia in the past few decades and he has been there. The 2000 Sydney Olympics, Steve Irwin's memorial, the Bledlisloe Cup, Sir Donald Bradman's memorial, the Rugby World Cup, the first Bali Bombings memorial service and the list goes on. He is ingrained in Australia's history as much as its future..

But accolades and awards have never been a huge deal to John Williamson; it has always been about the fans to the ever humble ex-farmer. Even after what he has achieved, or what he has been invited to be a part of, he remains nonchalant about it all..

2010 was a year to celebrate John Williamson and his 40 years of contribution.

In March, he released his ultimate BEST OF album, aptly titled ‘Absolute Greatest John Williamson: 40 Years True Blue’. The CD contains 21 of his biggest hits and most requested songs, along with a new track recorded with Shannon Noll, 'Island Of Oceans' which could be Williamson's ultimate gift yet. Inspiring, stirring and as patriotic as you can get, this is two loved Aussies singing for their country. Accompanying ‘Absolute Greatest John Williamson: 40 Years True Blue’ is a special TRIBUTE album making the 2-disc pack a must-have product. Kasey Chambers, James Reyne, Tommy Emmanuel, The Waifs, TOFOG, Adam Harvey, performing his songs in their own style, are just some of the artists who volunteered to appear on the 13 track special addition to honour his fortieth year.

Released at the same time, the ‘Absolute Greatest John Williamson: 40 Years True Blue’ DVD set contains 21 of his most timeless videos including his debut performance on 'Bandstand' in 1970. It also features John's original clip of ‘True Blue’ and his version 21 years later.

In what was to become one of the hallmarks of his career, John Williamson performed two concerts at the Sydney Opera House in October 2010 accompanied by the renowned Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Early in 2011, a live DVD & CD set ‘John Williamson: In Symphony’ was released to much acclaim. Plans are in hand that will see John appearing with orchestras from other states during the forthcoming year.

John Williamson's music has turned forty. He and his EMU both celebrated. In one of the toughest industries and businesses, he has not only survived but soared.

As he says in one of his songs, "There's all the colours of the rainbow in the garden, woman, and symphonies of music in the sky. Heaven's all around us if you're looking, But how can you see it if you cry".

Whilst his optimism has no doubt helped, coupled by determination and will, his words alone give you an insight into the passion this True Blue, Fair Dinkum Mallee Boy has.