Caravan Burlesque

Saturday 11th August 2012, 8.00pm
Queens Park Theatre

From the creators of the multi award winning, global smash hit The Burlesque Hour, comes a travelling emporium that fuses Parisian nightclub with wild Ethiopian dance, razor sharp intelligence with sultry songs, Australian whipcracking with Bollywood, gobsmacking dance with fluffy toys, satin table cloths, velvet drapes, and hanging lanterns that will sashay into any town anywhere transforming venues from Bowling Clubs to Major Theatres into a night to rival the Nullarbor: hot hot hot and full of stars!

The Caravan Burlesque is a pop up Parisian Salon with world-exposition flare and a quintessentially Australian edge. With a wild mix of heritage and influences, Caravan draws on Australia’s long history of feted & infamous tours of international music hall, burlesque and variety stars throughout ‘the antipodes’; the tents, the canvas palaces, bringing fly by night glamour to sell out crowds from the goldfields to the Mallee; and the next day only a few sequins and feathers left behind.

Bringing together artists of phenomenal international acclaim to create a Variety night to remember, Caravan is the hottest of cultural hotpots: Abyssinian Circus Queen SOSINA WOGAYHEU from Ethiopia’s child gymnastics champion to performing for the Queen of The Netherlands and Princess of Sweden; Handsomest Dancer Ever Born PAUL CORDEIRO whose Portuguese, Chinese & Malaysian heritage swirls through his acclaimed tango and Bollywood spectacles, Elegant Iconoclast MAUDE DAVEY whose outrageous turns won her the Best Actress Berlin Film Festival; Parisian Dancing Girl HOLLY DURANT direct from art films on The Champs Elysee; Darling of Contemporary Dance HARRIET RITCHIE with her electrifying technique that keeps her passport in tatters; and the woman who has hijacked cabaret and left them screaming for more in 20 languages, special guest Mistress of Grande Guignol MOIRA FINUCANE.

The Caravan Burlesque: when it comes to town friends book a table, dress up, and get ready for a sumptuous night that will challenge and cherish; a seduction that crosses cultural and political boundaries; 6 extraordinary performers that will make you laugh, clap, gasp and even dance. With community workshops in Bollywood, traditional Ethiopian coffee making, Burlesque, Zumba and Circus, you won’t want the Caravan to leave.

"From the sublime to the subversive, the hot to the hilarious…outrageous and unforgettable" The Times LONDON
"Seductive, utterly subversive and bursting at the seams with monstrous talent" Sunday Age MELBOURNE